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Since 2003 Doctor Biomaster is the biggest Bulgarian importer and producer of high quality medicinal mushrooms and herbal products, used to help restore the immunity of cancer patients. The company offers some of the most powerful mushroom and herbal immunomodulators from Germany, Italy, Canada, USA and Bulgaria, which can be used as a complementary therapy alongside conventional cancer treatments, such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy. They support the immune system of humans and animals, which may have other serious health problems as well.

The offices of Dr. Biomaster are situated in the major cities of Bulgaria. At any of these locations, customers can consult with our experienced doctors - naturopaths.

Dr. Biomaster prints and distributes books with information about our natural healing methods and products. These books are available online and in our physical stores throughout Bulgaria.

Dr. Biomaster shop in Sofia

Dr. Biomaster cabinets in Sofia

VAT: 131102513

Office address:
24 Laiosh Koshut Str., office 8, 1606 Sofia, Bulgaria

Invoice address:
Serdika dist., 68, Rodopi str., fl. 2, 1202 Sofia, Bulgaria
Filed in the Commercial Register under number: 6845/2003 110

Office tel.: +359 2 952 60 70 and +359 879 62 72 95
Warehouse: +359 877 231 599