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Purify - Parasite Intestinal Detox Cleanse Liquid

Purify - Parasite Intestinal Detox Cleanse Liquid

Purify - Parasite Intestinal Detox Cleanse Liquid

Food supplement. Original formula.
Program for natural cleansing by parasites.
30-day comprehensive program for parasite treatment (results no later than 15 days!)

All ingredients are bio-certified!

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Patented blend *
Green Walnut bark (Certified Organic);
Cloves - Color (Certified organic);
Pumpkin - seed (certified organic);
Tinting - root (certified organic);
Isop - leaf (certified organic);
Cumin - seed (certified organic);
Red mud (ethically harvested from wild species);
Thyme - leaf (certified organic);
Mint - leaf (certified organic);
Chinese Raven - Root (Certified Organic);
Rice - leaf (certified organic);
Dill - Seed (Certified Organic).

Herbal capsule: SOE LECITHIN WITHOUT GMOs. Modified vegetable cellulose. Deionized water.

Application: Basic cleansing of parasites entirely by natural means.

It helps your body naturally eliminate parasites and relieves the symptoms associated with dying parasites.

The only 100% natural, certified organic / wild-caught program to clear a wide range of parasites on the market!

The universal formula helps your body to counteract small and large parasites.
The program is designed to end the pest-pest pest life cycle.

It is effective in mature and intermediate form and at the egg stage.

Recommended dose for daily intake: from 2 capsules in the morning and evening - 1200 mg, patented mixture.

Instructions for use: Most people need 60 drops for 30 days, which will help the body cleanse completely. In case of severe parasitic infections, a 90-day regimen is recommended to achieve optimal results.

Purify is taken most effectively in the morning just after getting up (although it can be taken at any other time) on an empty stomach with one full glass of water. To enhance the results, you should not eat at least one hour after taking Purify.

As with all cleansing and detoxification products, pregnant women and nursing mothers should not take Purify without the approval of a medical professional or doctor. Always consult a medical professional before administering to children.

Purify is extremely suitable for cleansing and prophylaxis of parasites and pets.

Warning: Not recommended for intake for pregnant women and nursing mothers! Do not exceed the recommended daily dose! Do not use the dietary supplement as a substitute for a varied diet!

Storage conditions: Keep out of the reach of small children! Store in a dark and cool place.

Producer: De Life Tri, USA

Importer for Bulgaria: LARGE EKOMERS EOOD,
Sofia, 29-31 Zhivko Nikolov Str

Net quantity per dose: 600 mg (equivalent to herbal weight)

Net quantity: 36 g


From the wisdom of ancient Asian, European and Mediterranean herbology.
100% certified organic and wild-caught ingredients.
Exclusive formula from a first-rate biologist.

Natural and safe mixture - does not contain wormwood or hazel!
Recommended and documented naturopath
Many authors define this program as the best
Affordable natural parasite cleansing!
Complete natural solution for parasite cleansing!

Certified by Good Manufacturing Practice and manufactured in the United States.

Purify is a powerful blend of herbal formula, whose content is kept secret and is known for the ancient medicine of Asian, European and Mediterranean biologists.

As a 100% pure natural parasite cleanser, Purify does not compete in fully natural body facilitation to safely remove parasites (and their eggs) and alleviate the symptoms associated with parasite dying.

An ancient Mediterranean formula

The formula of Purify has been effective for almost a century in Mediterranean societies as a safe and effective parasite cleansing method. Variants of the same formula can be found back in millennia for ancient cultures and peoples. Today, Life Tree Purify uses the same popular blend as it accurately complies with the original requirements of ingredient efficiency and safety and precision of preparation.

Formula of first-class biologist

The key to making an effective parasite cleansing formula is efficiency, cleanliness and balance! In this respect, the wisdom and knowledge of the first-class phytotherapist helps to achieve the right balance between purity, effectiveness and herbal mixing ratio in order to ensure the optimal efficiency of procedures for clearing a wide range of parasites. It is also very important that the selected ingredients be only certified organic or obtained from wild-growing species! Purify is made exclusively from these first-class ingredients and is prepared in accordance with modern standards.

Proper balance of ingredients and ratio

Many doctors/naturopaths and herbalists believe that a formula that contains only 1-2-3 dispatches has insufficient content to conduct parasite tracking procedures to help the body stop its life cycle by the width of the paragraphs. invaders. On the other hand, some formulas may contain too many tips that will raise objections to mutual help for herbs and thus reduce the potential effectiveness of earning. It is used on average to promote the most commonly used formula with many containers that are usually mixed at the most effective ratios. However, in the purification of the seven ideal ratios of important 12 tickets that have taken place over the centuries, one has to check and give complete information. The key to this is the precise balance of herbs and the mutually reinforcing action of the right effective ingredients in the right proportions!

Optimal absorption

Unlike capsules and tablets, liquid herbal extraxts are absorbed easily by the body and get optimal therapeutic benefits from the herbs. It is established that the liquid extract formula is 40 times more effective than the dried herbs which leads to full and effective purification.

Herbal Science

Herbal Extracts are a key for maximum efficiency. To obtain the full therapeutic effect some herbs should to be extracted freah, as well as other plants - only after careful drying. Unlike from the herbal powder capsule formulation, liquid herbal extracts enable the natural freshness or dried state to be maintained. This is reflected in a high degree of efficiency. This aspect of herbal medicine can be defined as a practical art in the first place.

Confirmed Efficiency

The Tree of Life is being purified, it is a winner of the awards, and it has been in force tests in field conditions for the past few years when it is proof of efficiency as in the past generation. Today it is purified is recommended by many doctors naturopaths and veterinarians and has broad support from the subject of alternative medicine.


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